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Announcing a PLOS Water Mini Collection: ‘Urbanization and Stream Ecology’

Urban, suburban, and exurban land comprises a large and increasing footprint on our planet. Human development has traditionally occurred around rivers, with rivers providing important services (transportation, water supply, waste removal, etc.); however, these societal benefits do not come without great impacts to the environment. Our understanding of the effects of urbanization on stream ecosystems has grown tremendously in the last four decades, highlighting both consistent negative impacts to stream ecosystem structure and function (the “urban stream syndrome”) as well as variability in effects among and within cities across the globe. 

Ongoing research in urban stream ecology allows us to better understand and predict the impacts of urbanization on streams, particularly in combination with ongoing changes to climate and other processes and conditions at global scales. Research also guides restoration and management activities in these degraded aquatic ecosystems. More recent approaches to urban stream management and restoration involve communities in transdisciplinary research and restoration to set and assess the varied goals of watershed restoration projects. To equitably include transdisciplinary teams in successful restoration efforts, research must be openly available. 

The Symposium for Urbanization and Stream Ecology (SUSE; now the Urban Chapter of the Society for Freshwater Science) is excited to partner with PLOS Water on a special thematic collection on Urbanization and Stream Ecology to provide valuable new information, predictions, and tools that assess and expand the portfolio of management practices and decision-making for stream researchers and managers across the globe. Papers in this special collection include those derived from workshops and authors at the 6th Symposium on Urbanization and Stream Ecology (SUSE6) and contributions from others are welcome. 

Researchers interested in contributing to this collection should submit their articles by 30 August 2024. Topics may include, but are not limited to quantifying and predicting effects of urbanization on aquatic ecosystems; and approaches, tools, and responses to urban stream restoration and management.

For questions about the series or to express interest, please contact the SUSE6 publications committee:

Ready to submit your research to this collection in PLOS Water? Follow our step-by-step guide to the submission process, and ensure you enter ‘Urbanization and Stream Ecology’ in the free-text field for collections during the submission process of your article.

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